About Us

We are a seed-to sales urban farm, connecting people in cities to local food, by selling fresh herbs, greens, microgreens and strawberries to grocery stores, restaurants and distributors in the same communities as our farms. We also aspire to develop a platform that other local farmers can use to get their products to market efficiently.

We're one of a few USDA Harmonized GAP certified farms in Central Virgina. Our farm is spread out over two locations. Our first location is our urban indoor farm located on Hull St. within the city limits of Richmond Virginia. We call this location the PowerPlant. We grow our herbs and micro-greens at this location. Our second location is situated on 7 acres in Varina Virginia. We grow strawberries and other produce at this location.


We grow the freshest produce delivered to your local supermarket, restaurant or home within 24hrs of harvest. Grown pesticide free and using non-GMO seeds.

Our Mission for Sustainability

We use recyclable and compostable materials and growing methods that minimize the impact to the environment by using less water and land than traditional farming.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants/produce without soil. It supplies mineral nutrient solutions directly to the plant root and uses a much smaller footprint and up to 96% less water than conventional farming. Nouveau Farms produces high quality greens, herbs and fruits harvested at maturity and delivered to consumers within 24 hrs of harvesting. Our farm will provide the highest quality and freshest produce to local consumers.